How A Furniture Purchase At A Nationally Known Retailer Led To A Default Judgment And A Bank Execution

He was being harassed at least twice a day by phone and receiving threatening letters about an alleged debt from an oil company credit card for gasoline purchases.

She Was Sued But It Was A Sewer Service  And She Only Found Out About Her Default Judgment When Her Bank Sent Her An Execution Notice

I was referred to Robert Friedman of StoptheCallsFast.Com by a family member who had personal knowledge of his skills and abilities in dealing with consumer issues related to debt collection.I did not purchase his system because I needed someone to be proactive since my money had already been taken out of my account due to a bank execution. I had been sued and never even knew it.

I learned pretty fast that Robert knows what he is doing and does not leave any stones unturned. He discovered that the although the furniture store I returned the merchandise to assured me that everything was okay, turned out quite to the contrary. The credit card provider to the furniture store sold my account to a 3rd party debt buyer. All of this had happened without my knowledge.

It turned out that the debt buyer was somehow able to sue me and get a judgment against me with me not even being served. I only knew about all of this from Robert’s detective work. The first time I was aware of a problem was when my bank sent me paperwork that a marshal had served them with papers to withdraw $4700 from my bank account.

The problem as explained to me by Robert was that the statute of limitations for bringing an action against the original creditor and the debt buyer had elapsed. He described the situation has almost hopeless. With some good persuasive and communications skills he explained to the credit card issuer how I was severely compromised because of poor communication between the furniture store and the credit card company. He informed them that the company who they sold the debt to had sued me.

It turned out that they really had a conscience and offered to make full restitution of the monies removed from my checking account even though they were not legally obligated to do anything. Had it not been for Robert Friedman’s determination and resourcefulness I never would have seen my money again. Thanks Robert.

Jennifer D.


From A Banking Executive

Robert, I attended your “Stopthecallsfast.Com” workshop and found the information you provided very informative and helpful.  I am in the banking industry and have clients who in the past,  have come in and asked for guidance on how to handle  collection agencies that keep calling them.  Prior to your workshop, I was unable to provide any solutions for them.  Having taken your workshop I now can give them a reliable source and solution.  It has been proven that stress can be detrimental to one’s health especially this time of year having the added stress of harassing phone calls and letters could put someone over the edge.  I would recommend the purchase of your StoptheCallsFast System and your workshop with no reservations.

Thank you again,  Gayle (Banking Executive In CT)


A Successful Restauranteur

My name is Gary, I am a small business owner, after a divorce my life went into financial ruin. Robert Friedman got the creditors off my back immediately! No more calls, no more letters, no more threats. His methods remove the distraction and sense of powerlessness and allow you to focus on getting back on track. I highly recommend stopthecalls fast, it really works.

Restaurant Owner, New Haven, CT

Nationally Known Tennis Marketing Executive

Robert Friedman has put together a package that is straightforward and full of critical information for anyone bothered by collectors.I didn’t realize how little I knew on the subject. His system is a must have for anyone bothered by letters, threats and potential lawsuitsfrom collection agencies. He thoroughly covers the subject matterand he wants to help you. I highly recommend “Stop The Calls”and Robert Friedman

Marketing Executive For Major US. Tennis Tournament

A Satisfied Follower Of My Blog

Regarding My Blog(s) About Fraudulent Affiidavits

Finally, someone has nailed this issue. Thank so much. I’ve been suspicious of this for some time now. I had some credit issues coming out of a divorce many years ago. I cleaned up everything years ago. In the past few years, however, I am now am getting one after another of these fraudulent claims. They apparently prey on people who had problems earlier, have cleaned them up, and now will go to great extremes to protect their credit. I have a growing file of these fraudulent creditor claims to enable me to fight back.. I am spending my time and my money fighting them – with database mining, this will probably go on forever. Thanks for your time in rooting this out. I wonder just how much time and money is being spent by people trying to fight this fabricated, fraudulent crap? Does anyone know if any part of our state, local or federal government is fighting this stuff in any effective way?

A Very Satisfied Client

Bruce Backus wrote:

I used Robert Friedman’s 6 proven letters used to stop debt collectors, the user’s guide, an audio version of the user’s guide so you can play it in your car plus the DVD of my October 15,2008 workshop “How To Deal With Debt Collectors”. and it stopped the collection agencies in their tracks .  The materials supplied are worth the small investment and if you need help, just call or email Robert for guidance.  It’s worked for me.
Bruce B, Gold Bar, WA