New Service: Personal 1 to 1 Consultation

After having many conversations and reading many emails I now realize that many of you would value a hands on approach in addition to my self help system. The reason for the need which many of you have expressed is because with the harassment and threats from debt collectors come the feelings of helplessness, fear, and capitulation. Having me walk you through the process and discussing your individual situation with you can really turn your head around and get you feeling good about yourself again.
One hour with me could save you thousands to tens of thousands of dollars plus giving you back some peace and serenity in your life and it’s easy to sign up for the consultation. I will guide you through each step in the process to stop these abusive debt collectors, help you decide if you need an attorney or not, give you some indepth information on the debt collector(s) who are harassing you. I’ll tell you how prone they are to file lawsuits or whether they just like to make idle threats.
If you really feel uncomfortable about sailing in these waters totally alone just make the small investment of $75.00.  The cost is minimal but the advice could be priceless. Do it today.  Just click the “buy now” icon and be sure to include your phone number. I will call you within 48 hours.