Unifund: The Worst Of The Worst

As mentioned in closing yesterday I said I would write an expose of Unifund today. It is called Unifund, ZB Limited Partnership and has had business arrangements with Asta Funding, the former junk bond king Michael Milliken during their Integrated Resources days. Investors lost hundreds of millions of dollars in Integrated back in the 80’s […]

The Junk Debt Buyer’s Nightmare–Proving That They Own The Debt

Yes it truly is the JDB’s absolute worst nightmare when asked to provide the chain of ownership on a subject debt and that they in fact are the legal owner of said account. The problem for these people who push the envelope in their pursuit of their prey is that they usually do not possess […]

They Are Pulling “A Madoff”

Another Debt Collector Scam Debt collectors resort to a lot of illegal tricks but the one I am going to tell you about here is really quite creative. It involves the use of IRS form 1099c. The two main culprits in this seem to be Asset Acceptance Corporation and Portfolio Recovery Associates. Both are infamous […]