Unifund: The Worst Of The Worst

As mentioned in closing yesterday I said I would write an expose of Unifund today. It is called Unifund, ZB Limited Partnership and has had business arrangements with Asta Funding, the former junk bond king Michael Milliken during their Integrated Resources days. Investors lost hundreds of millions of dollars in Integrated back in the 80’s […]

It’s Tax Time And Time For Disreputable Debt Collectors To Send Out 1099 C’s

I need to correct my title. They send out 1099C’s to clueless consumers all year long. It happened to me after my attorney showed one firm the back of her legal hand. They settled with us for $2000.00 for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and some months after the settlement sent me […]

If You Decide To Represent Yourself (Appear Pro Se)

I recently read an article by a jurist from New York State. He was discussing the pitfalls of attempting to represent oneself in debt collector lawsuits as a pro se defendant. He pointed out that a judge’s role could be seen as one where he or she is an umpire i.e, calling balls and strikes […]