Unifund: The Worst Of The Worst

As mentioned in closing yesterday I said I would write an expose of Unifund today. It is called Unifund, ZB Limited Partnership and has had business arrangements with Asta Funding, the former junk bond king Michael Milliken during their Integrated Resources days. Investors lost hundreds of millions of dollars in Integrated back in the 80’s […]

FTC Getting Real Proactive And Aggressive With Bottom Feeder Debt Collectors

Credit Bureau Collection Services or CBCS of Ohio has been nailed for more than 1 million dollars in fines and penalties stemming from their illegal and nefarious activities wherein they falsified information about alleged debts by consumers and told them  that they owed money when they actually did not. Click here for the FTC site. […]

Violations Which Are Committed By Debt Collectors/Old Debt Buyers More Often Than Not

Being Aware of these illegal actions by these unscrupulous people could mean the difference between being sued and paying for a debt that it was illegal to pursue and financial liberation. 1. Filing false or fraudulent affidavits claiming that the affiant has personal knowledge of the records supporting the debt but does not produce said […]