Unifund: The Worst Of The Worst

As mentioned in closing yesterday I said I would write an expose of Unifund today. It is called Unifund, ZB Limited Partnership and has had business arrangements with Asta Funding, the former junk bond king Michael Milliken during their Integrated Resources days. Investors lost hundreds of millions of dollars in Integrated back in the 80’s […]

A Debt Collector Has Sued You And……….

A debt collector has sued you and contained in the summons and complaint is a sworn affidavit signed and notarized which states that an employee of the plaintiff is very familiar with your account, knows all the circumstances surrounding the use of the account and has the documents to support the allegation being sworn to. […]

“Repairing A Broken System” FTC July, 2010

Last week I mentioned I was reading the report whose title this blog bears. If could give an elevator speech (summation in 10 seconds) about the almost 100 pages I read and all the footnotes (read them just to be sure I would not miss anything)I would say that the majority of consumers are totally […]