Unifund: The Worst Of The Worst

As mentioned in closing yesterday I said I would write an expose of Unifund today. It is called Unifund, ZB Limited Partnership and has had business arrangements with Asta Funding, the former junk bond king Michael Milliken during their Integrated Resources days. Investors lost hundreds of millions of dollars in Integrated back in the 80’s […]

As Previously Blogged Right Here And Now By Budd Hibbs

“As found all over the internet: “Congressman Gary Ackerman’s good friends, the Zises Brothers, will sue near 200,000 Americans this year for credit card default using the trade name “Unifund” registered with the Ohio Secretary of State (The trademark documents are available on-line and free.) Since the trademark “Unifund” is owned by a partnership, Credit […]

Interesting Comments From One of My Readers Regarding Citigroup And Asta Funding

From: rwtqegre [email protected] Submitted on 2009/04/27 at 11:23pm The Law Firm of Klayman & Toskes is also investigating Citigroup’s management of its ASTA Fund (Palisades Collections). The ASTA Fund was managed in similar fashion to that of MAT Five. Many retirees have also been burned by the ASTA Fund, as it too is down about […]