What Is StoptheCallsFast?

What is StoptheCallsFast?

You need StoptheCallsFast before you need an attorney because if you don’t have the knowledge base contained within StoptheCallsFast you will need an attorney


StoptheCallsFast ¬†is a self help system which I designed based on the financial and other consumer related problems that I had to face and resolve. Don’t confuse it with a do it yourself sort of thing. Once you own my system or my Demand For Debt Validation letter 24-7 email support is available to you at no charge. If you are as they say “nervous in the service”, my one on one consultation service may be just what you need. Usually a 1 hour phone session takes care of most issues. You can read more about these services in the “How To Get StoptheCalls” section of this web blog.

Don’t be ¬†fooled by the name. There is a lot more to this than just stopping debt collectors from calling you. I picked the name because stopping the calls is one of the first things people think about when the words debt collector appear. You will acquire a broader and deeper knowledge base after your read my “how to” manual which comes with my complete system. A lot of time and effort went into writing it since it is mostly based upon my own personal experience. After reading the manual you really have a good idea about how unethical debt collectors try “play” consumers and how they get away with way to much because statutes such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act are too weak and do not levy enough punishment upon those who violate these laws.

Using my system will teach you what “potholes” to avoid since debt collectors and debt buyers who try to collect on debts without documentation and debts which in many cases are beyond the statute of limitations are smarter unfortunately than most you are. I teach you how to be as smart or smarter than they are. They choose to make their living off of the backs of those are do not know how to defend themselves or even worse abuse the legal system and never serve them with complaints but get default judgments anyway because they have process servers lie and claim people were served when they never were properly served. Throw in the thousands of phony affidavits they file with the courts too.

Figuratively speaking dealing with debt collectors who have bought up aged accounts or attorneys who act as debt collectors is like playing chicken or seeing or is going to blink first. The game is one of numbers to see how gullible people are and how much wool can be pulled over their eyes. If you owe money and it is within the statute of limitations and can still be legally reported under the FCRA then it is wise to try to satisfy the obligation if you can trust who you are dealing with. I go into detail about how to find that out in my manual.

Your credit and financial well being are precious and should be treated as such.